Over the weekend, former Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Samali Karungi held a double-header of concerts at Kampala Serena hotel which both sold out registering a huge reveler turn up.

Prior to staging her two-day concert, renowned talent manager MC Kats revealed that he had doubts about Sheebah becoming a big star when Jeff Kiwa had just signed her up.

Years down the road, Jeff Kiwa proved him wrong as Sheebah kept on churning out hit after hit for the 10-year tenure the pair worked together.

Doubt I ever told you this story. When @bornsolucky first told me He had signed you I was so not sure. I had my doubts.

He kept playing me all your non-released music in His small Car and in @guvnoruganda. And all he said this is gonna be a Hit. As years went by jeez he kept hits n hits in my ears.

MC Kats

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Having witnessed the concerts that Sheebah held at Serena, Mudra warned all those who doubted her saying the negative energy they threw at her instead made her stronger.

He went on to note that Sheebah is now a monster that can no longer be controlled.

He also noted that he looks up to her and wants to have energy similar to hers in whatever he does.

Whoever person ever mocked or scolded Sheebah in your life please know that you raised a monster you can no longer control.

This woman regardless of her numbers and her realness when it comes to response works thrice harder every day. Maybe to show you that she got the message and “here’s the reply.”

I believe she’s the strongest artist right now. This is an open heart not just for her hospitality. This woman is strong. Damn, I look up to being like you.


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