Since touching base at the airport last week, socialite Zari Hassan and her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya have been grabbing the headlines.

The two lovebirds are in preparation for the Zari All White Party which will happen on 22nd December with different celebrities expected to attend.

While speaking to journalists, Zari Hassan was asked to talk about her relationship with her new boyfriend Shakib who is twelve years younger than her.

She said that she is very okay with the age gap since Shakib is over 18 years of age and noted how people questioning the age difference in her relationship have double standards because when a man of her age dates a young girl no one questions them.

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When asked whether she has any hopes of having children with Shakib, the mother of five responded affirmatively.

She emphasized that she will do so the right time comes and also maintained that she is under no pressure from the public.

Zari also revealed that she even met Shakib’s parents and they are very fine with their relationship and how it is progressing.

Yeah, I met his parents. He took me to his family and friends and they were all nice to me. I will give birth but not because of public pressure.

Zari Hassan

Shakib went ahead to promise that come 2023, they will hold marital ceremonies; from the Nikka ceremony to exchanging vows and rings.

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