It is now close to four months since local songstress Viola Nakitende parted ways with her former boss and manager Diggy Baur.

The two went separate ways after working together for close to four years with Baur paving the way for the singer from the grassroots to the limelight.

He produced her songs such as Tosiimula, Toyuga, and Taata Bulaamu among others which ushered her into the music business.

The two were even rumored to be dating as Viola Nakitende was believed to be pregnant for Diggy Baur but she denied the allegations.

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At one moment, Viola Nakitende collapsed on stage while performing at Nyondo club and Baur was accused for overworking the singer yet she was reportedly three months pregnant.

The rumors further alleged that Nakitende was at loggerheads with Baur’s wife identified as Diana but all the dust settled when Nakitende took to her socials to distance herself from the reports.

Since the two called it quits as a working force, Nakitende has always been asked to share why she exactly ditched Diggy Baur’s management but she chose to stay tight-lipped.

She only revealed that she is apparently working with Rush B Entertainment, a team that is pushing and promoting her music and talent.

She also thanked Baur for the time and effort he invested in her as a brand and for taking good care of her.

She also went on to disclose that she is single and not searching.

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