Fashion and style have evolved over the years in the local music industry. In this piece, we look at the top ten Ugandan male artists who rock the gentleman’s wear with finesse.

“You don’t find a style, a style finds you” — Keith Richards

Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and sneakers, complimented with a host of other accessories are a common sight among local celebrities who have in recent years appreciated the need to look like the stars that they are.

A few notable figures have, however, gone the extra mile to refine their wardrobes and be intentional with their fashion, adding well-fitting suits and shoes to achieve the dapper look each time they step out.

In no particular order, we look at the top ten that have caught our attention in recent times:

Ykee Benda

If you have met Wycliff, you will bear witness to what a very composed intellectual he is but inspirational advice and a strong cologne are not the only things that he oozes in person.

His confidence will strike you just as hard as his style which, by the way, he loves to alternate according to the occasion but nothing beats his look in a well-fitting suit.

Just like his music, Ykee’s fashion is always a hit, never a miss. His suits of many colors are often complimented with bow ties, ties, hats, and bling. Intentionally suave!

A Pass

Re-known for his assertiveness and but often humble temperament, A Pass often compliments his fine brains with a top sense of fashion.

From well-fitted suits to workout wear, his persona can’t be complimented any better. His style exudes thoughts rich in variety coupled with compelling fragrances he often boasts of.

“The blazers, I really like them. The fashion is dictated by how I feel about the song. Fashion is key in any music video A Pass does,” he told Satisfashion as his career kicked off in 2014.

It seems like something he has stuck to through the years and evolved with it. Looks good on him, doesn’t it?

Maurice Kirya

Men with beards have been winning several online contests when it comes to looks and Maurice Kirya always compliments his striking looks with a good suit. With his physique, if music hadn’t worked out right, he would definitely have been surviving off a few modeling gigs around town.

The “ladies’ wine” also loves a beanie and a hat to compliment his suits which he always tries to blend with a casual look. If you’ve met him, you’ll agree that men are defined by what they wear. Calm, composed, elegant – he is a classic man!

Eddy Kenzo

Surrounded by celebrity stylists, Eddy Kenzo is in good company when it comes to fashion. His own personal fashion sense is something to admire. He also invests quite a lot of time doing physical exercises to keep his body in shape and his height is an added advantage.

He often compliments his suits with caps, beanies, hats, walking sticks, and other accessories but his shoe choices always add an exciting edge to his look. Plus he will wear a suit anywhere – even on stage! When he wears a suit, he looks like the star that he is.

It’s easy to see that Black, Blue, Red, and Grey are his favorite colors. His love for high-quality stuff extends to his music videos which are usually a fashion showcase. A dive into his wardrobe would be quite an eyeful.


While speaking to Sqoop in 2021, Zulitums expressed his love for jeans, t-shirts, and suits. He also pointed out how he is not much into accessories.

That pretty much defines his reserved style but he will always stand out when he wears a suit – something he does often when heading out to perform for his fans or when making his rare public appearances.

He also loves himself a scarf and turtlenecks to complete his look in a suit. His videos also never lack the drip.

Bobi Wine

Surprise? Not really. Bobi Wine has always been keen about what he wears and his fashion has evolved over the years. His fashion influence as a politician has transcended many generations.

From the famous African print to simple denim, Fadha always bounces with lots of vigor and class. Did you see him at the TIME magazine event? How about in the video of “Kyarenga”? If Principal wants to look youthful, he’ll effortlessly pull it off.

If he desires to look Presidential, he stands tall. If Taata Suubi decides to be a family man, no one matches him. Even when he pulls out the bling, his statement footwear remains a vivid memory.


B2C Entertainment a.k.a Kampala Boys

The trio keeps warming hearts not only on stage but also in their physical presentation. Even if it is your trademark suit, their casual wear is not far from a 10 out of 10.

Their shoe game has never attracted any negative energy and from afar, the Kampala Boys truly represent the capital of this motherland.


Footballers are often laden with pomp and glamour. Even though his sports career is still in the balance, Rickman’s association with the best has always kept him among the top.

With utter simplicity, he stands out without fail. If you met him for the first time, you would be hard-pressed not to call him a role model to many in the fashion world!

It must be said, his relationship with Sheilah Gashumba has added extra spice to his brand as she seemingly keeps him on his toes to look his very best all the time.

When wearing a suit though, he might want to keep his abs hidden a bit more… Err! I’m kidding! He still looks fine, doesn’t he, girls?

GNL Zamba

Hollywood remains Hollywood. Have you met this man lately? The dude looks wow! From the olden days when he was a budding star, GNL Zamba often gave off red-carpet vibes.

Thank God everything materialized and now he’s such a fashion icon. Who doesn’t like a rapper with fine looks anyway? As for us and our household, we shall marvel at his greatness lately.

Zamba is a deep-rooted fan of African culture and has been a proud ambassador of African prints and African-themed accessories which often adorn his style.

Ziza Bafana

On the list, Ziza Bafana’s pick will surprise many but his choice of shoes whenever he wears a suit is something that caught my attention.

For the style of music he does, a suit might be a farfetched fashion choice but he drips with ease and he keeps it simple.

His slender physique is a perfect landing for a good suit and he walks majestically to give you a completely opposite impression from his music.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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