Rickman, Sheilah Gashumba perform at Blankets and Wine 2022 (Photo by Don Mugabi)

As Argentina lifted the 2022 World Cup, Sheilah Gashumba dared to dream that her boyfriend Rickman will one day lead Uganda to the biggest stage in football. Netizens find it rather laughable.

Since its inception, Uganda has never made it to the World Cup stage. Several generations have tried to achieve the feat and failed – but somehow, Sheilah Gashumba believes Rickman can help the nation achieve the feat.

Rickman, real name Derrick Ddungu, is a renowned singer whose football career seems to have been stunted by injuries. As a player, it might be quite ambitious to believe he has a shot at helping the Uganda Cranes achieve a World Cup feature.

That leaves him with only two ways to achieve his lover’s dream – as a Coach or FUFA President. Sheilah Gashumba is confident that he can become the latter and go on to achieve big things.

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Through her Twitter account on Sunday evening, the NTV Uganda presenter wrote, “One day Rickman Manrick will be the President of the Football federation and he will take Uganda to the World Cup!! No cap.”

Immediately, netizens started questioning her source of faith in such a dream turning into reality. Others questioned if she really understands the dynamics of football and the history of the national football team.

A few critics as well used the opportunity to remind her that she still has a task of first turning Rickman into a top music brand before she can start dreaming of the World Cup.

Take a look at the reactions to the tweet below:

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