BBS Telefayina presenter Nabbanja Hasifa a.k.a Haffy Powers says former Da Nu Eagles singer Grace Khan needs immediate help to stop using drugs and other toxic substances before her situation worsens.

Haffy Powers requested well-wishers to help Grace Khan as she was talking about the use of toxic substances among artists.

This comes in the wake of Brian Mulondo’s recent rant where he criticized King Saha for always having a bad odor of weed.

The well-endowed media personality stated that the way Grace Khan reasons makes one believe that she is no longer in her right senses due to overconsumption of toxic substances.

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Haffy Powers feels as if Grace Khan feels dejected thus the use of drugs that make her feel pitiful for her baby girl Gianna Granner.

By the way, while talking about the use of toxic substances, I think this girl (Grace Khan) who used to be with Kojja Kitonsa needs immediate help.

And help I am talking about is really great and effective help because she gave birth but the way she is behaving is not normal as she might soon go bananas. It is too much now.

Whatever she says or talks about, she seems like she is out of sense and on a different planet. She is now just like a mad person. She needs great help and immediate.

Grace Khan

This is not the first time Grace Khan is being accused of using toxic substances as it should be recalled that last year, one of her former house helps went public and let the world know how she puffs weed.

That was at the time when Grace Khan was pregnant and was in conflict with fellow singer Prince Omar who she claimed was the father to her daughter.

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