Sanyuka TV’s UN Cut presenter Isaac Kawalya alias Kayz says he was disgusted by Sheilah Gashumba’s dress code during the Chop life end of year party held at Vault Bandali rise in Bugolobi a few days ago.

Kayz stressed that the way Sheilah Gashumba turned up for her party was quite unpleasant as she left almost everything on display.

He reasons that since the internet keeps memories of everything, people who dress up in skimpy outfits should mind of the future when they give birth to babies who will come across such photos.

He adds that Sheilah should do better the next time and not leave any space for negative imaginations since she almost put her private parts on display.

Kayz made his submission during the NBS After5 show, as he expressed his dismay with the socialite’s attire, calling it so repulsive.

It’s okay to show that nice body but in 20 years will your kids be proud of you? You have to be human in whatever you do since the internet keeps whatever is shared for years.


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