Kakande Ministries Church leader, Prophet Samuel Kakande has reportedly invited his flock to part with Shs500k for new year’s ‘special touch’ prayers.

The news about his request has gone viral following a video clip that has circulated across social media platforms.

In the clip, prophet Kakande is clearly heard telling his congregation to pay Shs500k for the special prayers that will be conducted during day time.

“Those who want to usher in the new year with blessings and a special touch, you come around on the 31st during day time. Those who will come for the special touch, come with Shs500k,” he says.

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He goes on to rally those who want to turn up for the special service prayer session to come in big numbers on D-day.

Over time, Prophet Kakande has been put on the spot for the dubious requests he makes before his congregation.

He recently tasked his flock to make a contribution in a bid to purchase a brand-new ride.

He has often said that his requests are not mandatory but going by the choice of his words, they usually seem to be in a commanding tongue.

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