After a quite successful 2022, Martha Kay Kagimba kicked off 2023 with a bad dream that had her waking up “sweating and in pain.”

In 2022, Ugandan comedienne, actress, and influencer Martha Kay kickstarted her radio career after joining Next radio’s evening show dubbed ‘NXT Tranzit’.

She then grabbed the headlines when she bought a brand new Range Rover which was later “stolen” in a promo stunt before it was returned to her.

Among her other wins, Martha witnessed the man the leaked her nude photos being denied bail and she must say 2022 was a good year.

2023, however, has not started off on a good note for the bubbly media personality.

Through a tweet made at 4:21 am, the self-styled ‘Range Rover Girl’ revealed how she had been awakened by a very bad dream in which he was “physically fighting someone.”

“Just had a dream where I was physically fighting someone. It was wild. But what’s crazier is that I’ve woken up sweating and in pain. As if I was fighting in real life,” Martha’s tweet read.

A section of her followers has advised her to sink herself in prayer and to ask her Creator to protect her from her enemies because such dreams are symbolic of things to come.

Others believe that if she won the fight in her dream, it is a sign that she will win big in this new year. Below are some of those reactions to the tweet:

Eddie Yawe: Do you know or recognize the person you were fighting with? Find those details out and you will know how and what is coming up against you. Find a genuine spiritual pastor that will guide you into this battle because if you lose it spiritually you also lose it in the physical.

Doreen Kabareebe: Did you win the battle? If not you need to pray against it. Sometimes God communicates through dreams.

Raymond Collins: It means that there are things you still doubt in your life. It shows that your emotions aren’t in any balance. The battle is between your heart and mind. You should sit back and reflect on the key decisions you need to make in your life.

Emma Street: Did you win him……welcome to 2023, you just won 2022.

Francis Kuria: Its high time you buy a new bed.

M7 Dickson: dreams are communication of what will happen in reality, so when you dream always be keen to remember every detail that happened coz that’s what in life reality will happen,çoz you have been given a signal of the eventuality.

Henry Sserukuma: My dear, it’s a true spiritual battle, you can seek to find out the truth or ignore, we leave in two spiritual kingdoms, the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of satan, they both exist. John 8:30-33.

Shimon Aine: My thinking… Your sleeping position/style matters. One night I rolled my arm around the neck and later dreamt of someone strangling me failing to breathe until I suddenly removed my arm and kicked beddings aside hence breathing freely.

El Festa: Eno gig….. Sikyo?

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