Glory To Glory Church Ministries leader, Prophet Michael Kiganda says the Christian born-again end-of-year cross-over prayers are a joke and a waste of time for many Christians.

The Ntinda-based church leader stresses that since he is a result-oriented individual, he finds many of the cross-over prayers and overnights meaningless since most of the people who travel miles to attend them end up not achieving anything.

Prophet Michael Kiganda goes on to explain that many people attend the prayers with placards written on their desires and wishes for the new year but a few or handful of them achieve them.

He notes that the problem is not usually with the people who turn up for prayers but with the pastors who preach the word of God. He narrates that people have to learn that to get results from God, it takes something to be put into action.

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I am result-oriented. If you don’t have results, just know that you made a loss out of your prayers. The cross-overs you saw everywhere, are jokes.

The problem is not with those who have come to pray. But it is with the preachers. People have to learn that to get results from God, It takes something.

Prophet Michael Kiganda

He goes on to elaborate that not everyone can speak something to their congregation and it happens.

He likened the cross-over prayers to clan celebratory meetings and said they are not spiritual activities.

Not everyone can speak something to you and it happens. The crossovers held by those pastors are more like clan celebratory meetings.

They’re not spiritual activities. If your man of God has never heard from God, then he can never bring you a message from God.

Prophet Michael Kiganda

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