Renowned events promoter Abbey Musinguzi, commonly known as Abtex, is apparently being held by Police following a stampede that occurred at Freedom City Mall and claimed 10 lives.

The stampede occured during the New Year celebrations after the emcee of the event rallied revelers to rush out and watch fireworks display a few minutes to midnight.

In the process as pleasure seekers rushed out to watch the fireworks, they collided at the entrance and lives ended up being lost in the raucous.

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As Police spokesperson Fred Enanga addressed news reporters at Police headquarters in Naguru, he disclosed that Abtex is being charged with negligence that could have led to the loss of 10 people.

He added that the police is also still on the hunt of other event organizers who were part of the devastating event.

He also noted that they are also considering a similar charge against the parents of the children below 18 years who died in this stampede.

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