Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool sent ailing vocalist Mansur Ssemanda a.k.a King Saha a stern warning telling him to back off his family and his mother.

Bebe Cool narrates that King Saha’s constant abuse of his family and his son during performances deeply hurts him.

He said that King Saha takes personal digs at him by making research about his family which is very dangerous because it is likely to create a never-ending beef between the two.

He further said that even if someone found that he had stabbed him (King Saha) to death, the cause would be him for going bare-knuckles and personal at him.

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Saha, the way I see you, you sing about my son and his mother which means you make research about them. That’s personal.

If we finish that line, even if they find that I had stabbed you to death, the cause would be you for going personal at me.

Bebe Cool

He also explained that there are two things; money and family, that can force a man to consider killing and hence pleaded with King Saha to back off his family.

There are two things that men kill for, family and money. I send a stern and fatherly warning to that young man, King Saha. Stay away from my family.

Do anything else to Bebe Cool a musician but stay away from my family. If you take my advice it is okay but if you don’t it is also well. Otherwise, I wish him a quick recovery!

Bebe Cool

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