Ugandan fashion designer, businesswoman, political lobbyist, and entrepreneur Sylvia Damalie Owori has questioned why she made it to the list of the top 100 celebrities that was published in the New Vision paper.

Sylvia Owori reasons that she has been out of the public eye for close to six (6) years but she was shocked to find her name appearing in the newspaper as one of the top celebrities of 2022.

In that regard, she requested the editor of the paper to explain to her who a celebrity is.

Owori also asked to be educated on why she made the cut to the list as, in her opinion, she believes she doesn’t deserve to appear on the list.

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Sylvia Owori the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Zipa Modeling Agency, a company that she founded and owns asked to know why she is being celebrated.

Who is a celebrity? ⁦Kalungi Kabuye,⁩ I am no 76 on the list, what am I being celebrated for? I have not been in the public space for 6 years. Please educate me on why I am on this list.

Sylvia Owori

Sylvia Owori is not the only public figure who poked holes into the list of the top 100 celebrities of 2022.

US-based singer Naira Ali also called out the editor of the paper for not including influential people like Bobi Wine and Abryanz.

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