Events promoter Abbey Musinguzi, commonly known as Abtex, has been charged and remanded to Luzira prison until the 10th of January over the New Year’s stampede that resulted in the loss of ten lives at Freedom City Mall.

The 52-year-old Musinguzi was sent to Luzira prison on Tuesday after appearing before the Grade One Magistrate Igga Adiru of Makindye Division Magistrate’s Court.

Abtex was arrested on Monday in connection with the unfortunate incident and charged with negligence.

It is reported that one of the emcees at the event he had organized asked revelers to rush out and watch fireworks a few minutes before midnight which led to the stampede.

Based on a report made by his lawyer Erias Lukwago, Abitex will be brought back to court on 10th January for the hearing of his bail application.

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Erias Lukwago said that Abtex was charged with nine counts of negligent acts occasioning the loss of lives of nine people on the spot.

However, the venue owner Ssebalaamu and his manager who were responsible for the fireworks explosion were not arraigned before the court saying they had no cases to answer.

Abtex also gave his side noting that he was not the one responsible for the fireworks and he put the blame onto the venue manager.

I have been to Makindye Magistrate’s Court to secure the release of our colleague, Abbey Musinguzi T/a Abtex but unfortunately, the court has remanded him to 10th January when his bail application will be entertained.

He’s been charged with 9 counts of Rash or Negligent acts occasioning the death of nine people in a new euphoria or stampede at Freedom City Mall. It’s alleged in the particular negligence that he endangered people’s lives by closing other outlets from the venue gates leaving only one small gate which could not allow over 20,000 people to move out safely.

Ironically the owner of the place, his manager and police officers who were hired to provide security and deal with all matters relating to crowd management have not been arraigned.

Erias Lukwago
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