Music critic Isma Olaxess has advised Sitya Danger, Tulabise, and Tonkaka singer Patrick Mulwana a.k.a Alien Skin to brush his teeth and stop chewing leaves in order to brand himself well for future endorsements with corporate companies.

Since breaking onto the scene, Alien Skin has been a common face at several top events around town as revelers always yearn to watch him perform.

He has also been making several visits to different media stations while promoting his music projects and his “alien car” always grabs attention.

Something else that will definitely catch your attention is his dress code and how he is always smoking and chewing herbs.

Local music critic, however, Isma Olaxess a.k.a Jajja Ichuli is not pleased with how Alien Skin has chosen to brand himself.

He says that the dancehall singer looks quite untidy and no corporate brand would wish to associate itself with him, something that could stunt his career in terms of future endorsements.

In a video seen by, Olaxess advises Alien Skin to endeavor to bathe, brush, and dress nicely to look more presentable to potential funders who could have already fallen in love with his music.

“He moves while chewing herbs, his teeth are yellow but this is wrong. You are a talented man from the ghetto who can make it but you are branding yourself poorly,” Olaxess said.

“I want to advise Alien Skin, I love your songs but brush your teeth, dress well, and stop moving while chewing grass. You can elevate yourself.

“Improve yourself as fast as possible and fit in the right frame of a presentable artist. I think you are very talented but you are misguided. Branding yourself well is a very important thing.”

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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