King Saha has a list of over six beef songs directed towards his biggest nemesis Bebe Cool that he is lining up to release later this year.

Bebe Cool while unveiling his 2022 list of top performing artists recognized King Saha at the bottom of the list and reasoned that despite being a talented artist, he is wasting time making diss songs directed towards him.

Bebe further advised King Saha to rechannel his focus into releasing more good music because his fans deserve to hear more of what he has to offer than wasting time on consuming drugs and producing nonsensical songs.

In reply, King Saha has vowed to continue attacking the Gagamel boss and he even has a streak of already recorded songs awaiting release later this year.

“I have so many other songs. I have a song titled Nkima, another titled Moses, another dubbed Zuena, Funtula, Kisajja Gwe, Mulya Nkaafu…” King Saha partly said while speaking to the media.

“I have so many songs but I also sometimes feel pity and decide to leave them in the studio and not release them,” he added before maintaining that Bebe is always spewing nonsense.

According to his fellow elders, he has never said anything sensible so you do not expect me to have expectations that he will say anything worth my attention.

Jesus didn’t die of drugs, death has been around for so many years. Let him not expose his wicked heart to the public, let him not label himself the owner of death

King Saha
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