A video of Zari Hassan and her boyfriend Shakib Cham at her ex-husband the late Ivan Semwanga’s grave has been making rounds on the internet for a couple of days now.

According to reports, the two lovers together with a couple of other friends visited the late businessman’s grave during the festive season.

Visiting the grave of an old friend, family member, or spouse is often seen as a sign of respect and Zari recorded a video that she shared on her Snapchat.

Zari has often paid her respects to her late ex-husband but what caught most people’s attention from the video she shared on Snapchat is the presence of her boyfriend Shakib Cham.

Zari and her late husband Ivan Semwanga.

Many netizens in the comments section from the video we shared on our social media pages are quite shocked that Zari took her boyfriend to her ex-husband’s grave.

Some people saw it as a statement of mockery and disrespect, while others find it rather okay because Shakib was reportedly close to Semwanga before his demise in May 2017.

Below are some reactions we fetched from social media:

Don Don: We always have to learn from everything. This shows you that you should always enjoy life to the fullest, you live alone and die alone. Once you die your most beloved wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend will pull up with her new partner if not different partners at your burial place mercilessly.

Patience Wawina: Thanks, zari for taking care of your late ex-husband only a few will understand.

Maritez Happy: True meaning of ba ex bona baafa.

Janet Kizza: At least she wd have gone with her kids! Such a video might not be liked by her boys….just thinking….. Mwami Lutaaya ndaba bamuvuze supidi neneko.

Dee Kiwanuka: Wabula she is a joker! I wouldn’t do this to my children.

Sherlock Alinda: But to my understanding, Zari would have taken the kids because he is their father but to make matters worse she took the current husband who even never knew him. Twebereremu sometimes.

Sugar November: But what has shakib done? Olaba tuzika betutamanyi,tusabila betutamanyi olwo shakib who new Ivan well,is it bad,mukisusa banange namwe.

Sylvie Gava: Kruthum and Acram are next at muzaataz grave.

Stephanie: Ndaba abasamu wano hmmm kaati nsobi ki shakib okugenda yo?? Wabula mwewunza.

Alicious Jowie: No more respect for the dead even.

Brian Teddy Odhiambo: It may be a bad omen.

Jamie Kakooza: It’s not nice seating on top of the grave respect the dead, please.

Nelson Mandu: Now if you want to see murife just quietly pinch Shakib’s back.

Bint Rajab: Shakib was on thanksgiving.

Merci Kles: Nothing wrong with this , you people want to make everything negative.

Valeria Nanteza: Kola ssente osirike even in death he is so much respected than the living ones

Adcb Farm: This is too much indiscipline from Zari! It’s like tormenting Ivan.

Teddie Bob Eesa: Okuwasibwa kuno, kati bamutute kulongosa kijja kya musajja mune,ekitufu yabadde tayagala naye ate talina kunyiza mummy, naye oba omuzimu gwa Don Ivan gulowooza ki.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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