2023 seems to be like a year in which many male celebrities are likely to lose their dreadlocks under unclear circumstances.

Just over the weekend, Weasel Manizo took social media by storm when photos of him without dreadlocks after they were trimmed off made rounds.

Many were left wondering why Weasel had to lose the dreadlocks which he had grown for close to three decades just to get a fresh look that made him look like a schoolboy.

Since sharing photos of him having a fresh look, a lot of speculation has made rounds with some saying he could be eyeing a political move.

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Weasel is, however, yet to disclose the main reason why he chose to take the route but we hope sooner than later he will be explaining why.

Meanwhile, fast-rising artist Vyroota, famed for his hit single ”Ndibulungi” also stormed the saloon and got rid of his dreadlocks.

Based on the explanation he gave to Mbu.ug, he noted that he was tired of being likened to and called a female.

Due to too much pressure, Vyroota decided to get his dreads trimmed off to acquire fresh new looks.

He joins the long list of artists who lost their dreads after the likes of Bobi Wine, Chameleone, Mowzey Radio (R.I.P), Ragga Dee, and KS Alpha, among others.


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  1. Wama who sung this song of teri kufuna lubuto wano mu struggle that is trending on TiK tOk some one said mbu it is Mudra, is it true or false, we were here arguing about that sh**

  2. Wana know the musician who made this song of “teri kufuna lubuto wano mu struggle bwolufuna sirwange luba lwa Juma ” that is trending on TiK tOk don’t know the title though,is it really Mudra or

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