Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed Pretty Nicole spending a night at Kawempe police station and that she blames herself for what happened to her.

A viral video that has been making round on social media since Monday shows a lady identified Pretty Nicole being beaten by fellow women.

Nicole is cornered in a house by three other females who confront her about dating a man who supposedly belonged to one of them.

They then start harassing her with slaps, hair pulling, and canes as they pour water on her while commanding her to stop seeing the man in question.

Yesterday, police confirmed that it is on the hunt to arrest the culprits in the video.

Pretty Nichole

According to John Kelton who claims to have been at Kawempe Police station observing developments on the matter, it is Pretty Nicole who spent the night at the station.

“Live at Kawempe police station headquarters. What hurts me, the girl who was beaten up gwebaasuzizza ku police 😥. Kyokka she’s sick,” Kelton’s tweet reads.

Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that Nicole indeed slept at the Police station in the shelter reserved for victims of torture and kidnap.

“Kawempe Police station has a shelter for victims of torture, kidnap and trafficking,” the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson revealed.

He also noted that she was withheld after exhibiting signs of escaping from her mother and that she blamed herself for what happened to her.

“This is where she slept after exhibiting signs of escaping from her mother , it should be notted that the girl also blames her self for what happened to her,” Mr. Owoyesigyire added.

It is not clear yet whether all the culprits in the case have been apprehended as police are yet to release an official statement but it confirmed that they are being hunted.

Horace Mugabi, a lawyer who pledged to follow up the case and bring the violent characters to book, maintains that the culprits are yet to be arrested.

“Today morning, I managed to visit Kawempe Police Station and met the OC-CID who allowed me & the family access to the victim,” Horace revealed today morning.

“She’s slightly well and currently going in for a medical check up. The suspects are yet to be arrested and I’ll give an update when they are,” he added.

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