Uganda Cranes midfielder Khalid Aucho is in hot soup after being dragged to the police by his ex-baby mama identified as Somaiyah Kagbilu alias Sumi on allegations of forcefully taking custody of their child.

The case is apparently filed at Central Police Station, Kampala as “CPS KAMPALA SD 62/09/01/2023 CASE: D/V”.

Based on Sumi’s narration, she regrets the day she met and made love with Khalid Aucho because she didn’t know that she would face the tough times she has gone through.

The light-skinned beauty stated that when Aucho made her pregnant, everything was rosy during the first months of her pregnancy.

However, the dark cloud in their relationship started to cover up when she was five months pregnant, and in the seventh month, she got kicked out of their home and forced to return to her parents’ home where she gave birth from.

She claims that she took care of her daughter without Aucho spending any kind of child support fund. She adds that Aucho lied to her relativities that he had a function at which he needed her daughter to be present and since then, he has never returned the child.

I regret the day I met and made love with Khalid Aucho. I am not trying to ruin his name, he threw me out of the house when I was seven months pregnant.

After giving birth and taking care of ours. My mum wasn’t there and he lied to them that they had a party and then took my daughter.

I don’t need anything from him, not even money because I have my own money. I have spent two years without seeing my daughter.


Sumi says she has taken two years without seeing her child and wants the authorities to take action in her case and find rightful means to get back her daughter.

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