From the outside, Sheilah Gashumba’s life seems like a bed of roses and one that several youths would love to live. Her father Frank Gashumba, however, is not impressed at all.

“Defend your daughter in public, blast her in private,” says Frank Gashumba in an audio conversation of his with a lady identified as Diana that leaked online on Wednesday.


In the audio, he mentions a couple of things he dislikes about Sheilah Gashumba whom he also claims has been quite disrespectful to him in recent years.

It’s not clear yet who leaked the ten-minute audio but listening to it, Frank Gashumba emotionally discusses how Sheilah has wasted her life away slowly and time will reach when nobody wants to associate with her.

“If she can’t respect me who sacrificed his entire life for her, who will she respect? If you’re not willing to respect your father, you will not respect your husband or your superiors,” Frank says as he reveals that Sheilah is taken up by the lifestyle she lives.

“I have been abused by people, I’ve heard all sorts of insults to a point of people saying that I even sleep with Sheilah but she doesn’t seem to seem to see what I’m going through.”

He mentions how his daughter always fails to do what he tells her, always arrives late to their appointments, and even refused to show her copies of the contracts she signed with Choplife and NBS TV.

Bad Influence and BROKE BOYFRIENDS

Frank Gashumba is not happy with Sheilah’s choices when it comes to friends who he believes have had a bad impact on her spending habits.

“I want her to be the best, to become the most successful woman of her generation but how will she become successful when she wastes every money she earns?”

In the viral audio, Franks mocks Sheilah’s choices when it comes to picking boyfriends, pointing out how her lover drives her cars, something he cannot wrap his head around.

He is heard mentioning her ex-boyfriend God’s Plan who he defines as a “thug” and another boyfriend with hair that looks like infamous rebel Joseph Kony’s.

“How can you date a man that cannot buy himself a car? I personally have never driven a car belonging to any of the girls I have dated. But men of these days. They once met me at a restaurant in Nsambya; Sheilah, her rugged boyfriend, and his father – he had a pierced nose and ears with hair looking like Kony’s. How can you bring such people to me? Even when I die, don’t bring them.”

Why tattoo good skin like yours?

“Imagine the tattoos she has. How can God give you skin that good and you get tattoos? People bleach every single day to have skin as good as hers but she goes and gets tattoos on her butt? On the butt? And you think I can be happy?” Frank painfully states.

Listen to the full audio below:

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