Singer Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz says she regrets having made her relationship with fellow singer and producer Andrew Ojjambo a.k.a Daddy Andre public.

Nina Roz explained that as a couple, they had chosen to keep their romantic affairs out of the public eye, something that had been executed quite well for some good time.

However, their secret love bubble burst after photos of their traditional Kukyala ceremony were spread across the internet.

A few months after holding the colorful ceremony, their romantic life faced challenging moments and they were forced to part ways over several reasons which included the use of toxic substances.

Speaking in a very recent interview, Nina Roz disclosed that the next time she will be in a serious relationship, she will publicly let the world know about it reasoning that she was hurt that she tried to hide her traditional wedding away from the public but later got exposed.

She added that she had agreed with Daddy Andre to keep their relationship secret noting if they had told the public about their romance, they wouldn’t feel safe if many people got to know in the first place.

The next time I get into a serious relationship, I will come out and tell you publicly without hiding like the last time. I think it will bring out a difference. In fact, I was hurt that I hid my wedding away from you and you later learned about it.

So this time around, I will let you know. We chose to hide it from you because we didn’t feel safe if you had got to know about it in the first place. For now, all is well and it was a lesson for me.

Nina Roz

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