Singer and songwriter Nince Henry says he failed to perform at Spice Diana’s concert because of the police at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Nince Henry swung into defense as he cleared his name from critics who were throwing shade at him saying he is too ‘proud’ for not having joined Spice Diana on stage to perform their collaboration titled “Body”.

He explains that Spice Diana ended her concert prematurely due to the Police who ordered that the show ends at exactly midnight.

Initially, Nince Henry claims, they had sought permission to end the concert at 1:00 am.

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He stressed that at exactly 11:45 pm, Police and military raided the show backstage and passed stringent orders to stop the show before Spice Diana performed the last five songs that she had planned to execute in a stylish way.

Nince Henry narrates that they tried pleading with the security officers but all their pleas fell on deaf ears as the Jinja Road DPC ordered for the sound to be switched off.

He notes that Spice Diana left the stage in tears since she wasn’t permitted to end her show as she had eagerly planned to do.

SPICE DIANA’s PAIN! We didn’t perform ‘Body’ with Spice Diana last night! But thank you all for coming guys!

We rehearsed well. We were given time to go with the show until 1:00 am. At 11:45 pm Police and military raided to stop the show!

The last and the most prepared part of the show was 5 songs including ‘Regular’! It was all tension backstage and we pleaded with the DPC to allow Diana to perform at least ‘REGULAR’ because it was the most anticipated piece! DPC refused.

Police officers went up on stage! Diana saw them Communication was made to everyone to switch the machines off! Diana announced REGULAR and the band stated it!

Luckily they gave us five more minutes for that last song and boom sound off!

Spice Diana left that stage crying because she wasn’t allowed to close her show the way she had prepared. She didn’t perform her favorite songs!

And some people have just called me Proud for not performing. But it’s not pride I was there and we were well prepared including other collaborators but time guys. Time yaganye!

Continue supporting Spice Diana and Ugandan music!

Bigup to the team and manager roger for putting together all this. Man of the night is Bushington and Myco Ouma. See you at the next one!!

Nince Henry

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