Capital FM presenter Flavia Tumusiime reveals why she will continue hiding her children’s faces on social media, a decision she took for their own wellbeing.

Like several celebrities around the world, Ugandan public figures have in recent years adopted the tactic of hiding their children’s faces when sharing their photos on social media.

“Why not show your son’s face to the public? What’s the secret?” a follower asked Flavia Tumusiime during a Question and Answer session on her Instagram stories.

The media personality revealed that for the many years, she has been a celebrity, she has faced all sides of fame; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

She noted that she has often been attacked by members of the public online and it’s not something she can control but she is able to protect her children from similar encounters.

Flavia noted that without her son’s face all over social media, he can have a good childhood where he will not be judged just for being a child to a celebrity.

“As a couple in media or showbiz, we have experienced all the sides. The good, the bad, and the ugly and we know how it’s important to protect those in our lives,” she wrote.

“We can’t escape if anyone wants to come and be harsh online or in tabloids etc but we can protect the family and of course our child.

“We decided to let him have a childhood where people don’t point fingers in public because he is our son or someone decides to use his picture to bully him etc. So it’s a decision we stand by until we feel otherwise.”

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