Trouble Tabu Entertainment Luga-flow artist Gravity Omutujju has listed down the names of artists he says he cannot dare face when it comes to a music battle.

The local rapper notes that Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Radio & Weasel, and perhaps David Lutalo have more hit songs than he does and he would never dare them to a battle.

He went on to stress that he highly respects them for the huge contribution they have added to the music industry since they set foot into showbiz.

When asked if he can dare Juliana, he made an affirmation saying he can take her down since she has fewer hit songs compared to him.

“I can’t face Jose Chameleone in a music battle although he is not my friend. I cut him off him since I found out that we don’t connect. The other one is Bobi Wine because he also has a lot of hit songs than I do. Radio & Weasel, David Lutalo also somehow,” Gravity said.

“Juliana has good songs but I have more hits than her. Having many songs is different from having hit songs. Just that you guys underlook and demean artists,” he added.

While talking about Bebe Cool in terms of a music battle, he noted how he can defeat him hands-down. He is assured that he has better-hit songs than Bebe.

“I can defeat Bebe Cool in the battle of the champions, depending on the hit songs,” Gravity Omutujju emphasized.

Solomon Mwesigwa

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