The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has issued a statement regarding the trending extortion claims at Entebbe Airport which came to light after rapper Don MC Kapata disclosed that he missed a flight for refusing to pay a bribe of Shs3.7m.

The rapper wrote on his Twitter account stressing that the airport is full of arrogant, incompetent, and corrupt workers whose main job is to make travelers miss their flights intentionally.

The “Yes Yes” rapper claimed there is extortion at the airport after falling victim to the incident where he declined to dish out cash to the workers who demanded him to pay.

He noted that he heard one of them telling the colleague not to allow him to fly out if he declines to pay the bribe which eventually happened thus missing the flight.

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Don Mc kapata

“Entebbe airport Is full of Ignorant, arrogant, Incompetent, corrupt….. beings …These guys’ main Job is to make travelers miss their flights,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Recently I missed my flight because I refused to give them 1000 dollars they asked for so they could allow me on the flight whose ticket I already had.

“‘Oyo alina Sente,waba tatuwadde tajja kujilinnya’ one of them told the colleague; with an angry face like a muwuulu who sent transport money to a SURE only for her not to show Up. MUTUSWAAZA … MWETELEEZE,” Don MC added.

The statement issued by UCAA says the authority regrets and condones the acts of extortion at the airport saying anybody reported with clear evidence is subjected to the disciplinary committee and dealt with according.

They go on to note that it is absurd that most of the trending videos specifically state a particular checkpoint, time, and flight details of when the extortion allegations took place.

They added that apparently, they are working hand-in-hand with the individuals who shared the TikTok videos to establish when the extortion claims happened to them.

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