Following Rema Namakula’s statements about not letting men touch her, Doreen Kabareebe launched a scorching attack questioning her decency.

Now living in the USA, Ugandan socialite Doreen Kabareebe has recently been dishing out banter online toward different celebrities when airing different opinions about different affairs.

She portrays a fearless attitude and it does not matter who you are for her to reply to your opinion and Rema Namakula is her latest victim.

The songstress is quoted to have noted how she is careful how she portrays herself in public and never allows men to touch her body because she wants to set a good example for her children.

“I don’t allow men to touch me because I want to teach my children to respect their bodies. My actions matter and I want them to emulate me,” Rema Namakula is quoted to have said.

Her statement seemed not to settle well with Doreen Kabareebe who, upon landing on it, questioned her decency.

Kabareebe, who has often been criticized for dressing rather indecently, mentioned how Rema has had children with different men and hence should not be the one preaching decency.

She said that people should stop judging others by what they wear but rather by what they do when nobody is watching.

“Kasita oba nga you have kids in different men nga ate wazaala tebanakuwasa (you gave birth before getting married). There’s no decency there. True character isn’t judged by what we wear but rather our real behaviour when no one is watching us,” Kabareebe wrote.

Her reaction has since attracted divergent opinions on social media. Take a gaze at some of those below:

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