Celebrated TV presenter, emcee, and talent manager MC Kats claims he can never go broke again as his live is surrounded by rich relatives.

In just a few days, Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats will be holding the 2023 edition of his annual King Of The Mic concert at Didi’s World.

He is confident it will be a successful show depending on the plans his team has put in place in preparation for the big day.

Regardless of how that goes, MC Kats vows that he can never go broke again!

During a chat on Isaac Katende a.k.a Kasuku’s YouTube show Kasuku Live, MC Kats said that he has worked so hard and he has enough money to stay rich.

Kats also noted that he comes from a rich family and the chances of him going broke again are very slim or even non-existent.

“I have over five pieces of land. I’m in a category of my life can never go broke. My dad is rich, my mum is rich, I’m rich and I have relatives, brothers, and sisters that are rich,” MC Kats said.

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  1. People, Stop this Stupidity, we see so many people from RICH families who are Uselessly Broke, some do not even know how their so-called parents made their money and in any case, your mother’s money is NOT yours, eish, mutureke nammwe!

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