During an interview with Kasuku, MC Kats painfully expressed his anger towards Julius Kyazze whom he claims used him and paid him peanuts.

MC Kats is angry at Julius Kyazze for many reasons top of which he claims the Swangz Avenue boss overworked him without paying him.

Julius, you have never given nothing and I gave you f**kin half of your career

MC Kats

Kats claims that Kyazze made him tour several schools with artists and always paid them peanuts.

He also emphasizes how he has contributed so much to the key industry players including Swangz Avenue but they do not appreciate him enough.

He wonders why he is overpriced when booking artists from Swangz Avenue to perform at his shows yet he was part of the people that made the record label a big deal.

He has threatened to expose Kyazze and he claims he has a list of people the Swangz boss has fleeced off their money and so much more.

“Julius, I don’t fear you. You’re acting like a smart boy but you are dirty. I found you managing four dancers and we roamed several schools but how much did you pay me?” Kats said in the interview.

He then revealed how Vamposs was badly sidelined yet he was one of the pioneers of Swangz Avenue and he currently has no shares in the record label.

Kats maintained that for the things he has done for Julius Kyazze, he should be getting Swangz artists to perform at his shows for free.

“I don’t need a discount from you Julius, I need free things because I did so many school tours and how much did you pay me?”

He further notes that he has never held a million given to him by Julius Kyazze in his entire life before hurling several insults at him.

Watch the video below:

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