City beautician Betty Nassali a.k.a Bettinah Tianah is not happy with Jose Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim Mayanja after joking about colorism comments that were made about her online.

On her Facebook page, Bettinah Tianah revealed how she wanted to, “go to Europe for shopping so bad.” One of her followers identified as Luwangula Mukaabya partly replied saying, “those countries are so segregative to the extent of segregating the woman that got married to the Queen’s son. How about you with dark buttocks?”

Luwangula’s comment seems to have sounded quite hilarious to Daniella Atim Mayanja who immediately took a screenshot and shared it on her Instagram with a humorous caption.

Upon landing on Daniella’s post, Bettinah became furious over her reaction. In a post, the former NTV presenter wondered how she would go ahead to post such a comment on her IG.

“Dear Daniella Atim, the respect I had for you just got flashed down the drain. Nothing is funny here at all. I expected you to condemn such behavior, the fact that it humors you to the extent of posting for your followers to laugh baffles me,” Bettinah wrote before adding, “Being black ain’t a crime.”

She then took the battle to her Facebook page where she vowed never to bleach her skin for anything and that people have to accept her the way she is.

She also wondered why a fellow Ugandan woman would find humor in colorism comments before sharing her experience with racism abroad.

There isn’t a single diss/insult on this planet that would ever make me want to bleach my skin. So y’all will have to accept my black.

This comes as a shock to me. Colorism is a real thing & coming from a fellow Ugandan a fellow woman at that wow. I thank you God for my beautiful melanin Because now I’m even more proud of it

I’ve realized Africans are the most colorist people. Y’all be throwing such lil comments that push people to bleaching their skin. STOP! Enough is a enough!

I’ve experienced racism a lot while abroad. The way people look at me for having short hair. The way they look at my skin.

Some don’t even wanna seat next to me because of my skin, some won’t even enter the lift with me, they rather wait for another elevator even if we are going to the same floor, but let me tell you this, even during those moments I still look at my reflection on my phone screen & I think to myself they can hate on my black all they want, then I move on to say to myself damn! I am so beautiful! & my melanin is popping! on top of that my “beautiful clear skin” even inspires me a lot to stay strong & I walk with my head held high like a Queen.

Some record me secretively. Others ask to take pictures of me (not with them). Others smile at me & stare so hard. At the end of it all. I WILL NEVER CHANGE MY SKIN FOR ANYTHING.

Bettinah Tianah

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  1. Bettina, the Truth is, Daniella is WORSE when it comes to Skin Color, at least yours is Naturally Dark, but hers is HALF-HALF, alinga Namagoye!

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