Rodney Kefas Namisi, professionally known as Kefas Brand, is an Actor, Businessman, Media Personality, and Influencer. He owns Think Media Uganda; an umbrella company for Think Tv Uganda and Think Tv FM Uganda.

A prominent figure in modern-day Uganda’s media, Kefas Brand seems to have the prospect of becoming one of the most influential personalities in the country.

Early Life

Kefas Brand was born in Mbale, Uganda where he grew up. His mother Mariam Namisi is a Businesswoman and a Pastor. His father Samuel Kefas Namisi is a Politician, Engineer, and Businessman. Kefas has two younger brothers; Arnold Paul Namisi (born in 2002) and Govin Emma Namisi (born in 2008), and a younger sister Princess Praise Elizabeth (born in 2018).

Kefas studied at various schools in Uganda including; Grace Primary school, Tower Primary School, Kings Education Center, Trust Primary School, St Lawrence London college, Mbale Secondary School, Joy Secondary School, Hilton high school Mukono, Code Highschool Mukono, Seroma Christian High School, Makerere College School, Seeta High School Mukono, and Allied Teachers SS.


Kefas Brand’s funny social media posts in 2014 via Facebook made him get recognized and make friends with popular stars in the country like musicians, actors, and comedians. He then went ahead and became an entertainment prefect in the various schools he went to due to his funny personality which made students fall in love with him.

In 2018 Kefas picked an interest in acting and started pursuing online film and drama lectures until he attained a certificate. In 2020, he started a YouTube channel and started acting in comedy skits on his YouTube channel (Think Tv Comedy House) which got a big audience.

In 2022, he started up an online radio station (Think Tv Uganda FM). Later that year he also ventured into forex trading and other kinds of investments. He is the CEO of Think Media Uganda.

Why Acting?

“As a kid, I always loved watching a Nickelodeon TV show called ‘Thundermans’ in which Jack Griffo (Max Thundermans) was my favorite character and I always sought to myself that I would act some day and maybe get to feature him on a film project. Therefore I started impersonating Max since then with the passion I would someday start acting,” Kefas says.

He also picks inspiration from several global Actors including Jack Griffon, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Wahlberg, and Hugh Jackman.

Other Interests

Kefas has quite an amazing personal lifestyle. He loves sad music, football, and watching Crime and Detective series. His role models are, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pablo Escobar, his mother, Xxxtentacion, and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Kefas has a strong love and desire for politics and seems to have an ambitious political career interest. He says he would love to be a powerful influencer leader someday.

Views on the local film industry

“I think our film industry has failed to pick up on the latest trend and fashion of acting or skit making since most of its work is past relative. That has limited us from domestic support being that Even our fellow Ugandans are exposed to better external productions such as Nollywood and others limiting the growth of our industry,” Kefas notes.

He is, however, hopeful that there are lots of positives to be picked on and to showcase the industry’s talents internationally.

“Hopefully someday in our industry, we could keep up with the latest way of film production and we will grow bigger than we are currently so that we can showcase our talents and productions to the outside world.”

Future plans

Kefas Brand has set his sights on starting up his own production school which will help younger generations achieve their dreams.

“I dream of starting up my own film and production school for both kids and teenagers,” he notes.

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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