NBS TV presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba has trashed allegations claiming that the nude photos making rounds on Snapchat are hers.

For a couple of days now, ex-friends Sheilah Gashumba and diaspora-based Fitness Trainer Bast Zue have had a back-and-forth online battle.

Gashumba claims that she and Zue fell out after she made comments about her fashion and the latter has taken issues personally.

The TV personality claims Zue is the person behind the nude photos with her face that have been making rounds on Snapchat since over the weekend.


Gashumba claims the photos are not hers and that they were photoshopped and she wouldn’t be surprised if Zue did it. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the one behind the photoshop,” she wrote on her Snapchat.

She went on to reveal that the nude photos are for a person with a dark skin complexion unlike her. She believes the person behind the photos is doing it for clout.

That photos is urs lol that;s why you took specific areas without fingers or face or any other parts because I’ve tattoos almost everywhere, sheap stunts. Try again. BTW, when did I start being dark? I have the same complexion from head to toe

Sheilah Gashumba

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