Former talent manager and events organizer Suudi Lukwago a.k.a Suudiman says he is disappointed in Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze following the exchange of words he is involved in with MC Kats.

Suudi Lukwago blames Julius Kyazze for responding to MC Kats who accused him of being a user and overcharging him when he wanted to hire Swangz Avenue artists to perform at his concert.

MC Kats while appearing in an interview on Kasuku’s Youtube channel expressed how he has bad blood with Kyazze for not according to him respect and rewarding him for the contribution he had in making Swangz the reputable label that it is.

When Kyazze learned about MC Kats comments, he retaliated by saying MC Kats’ mental health is not at its best, something that angered the NBS TV presenter.

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Music promoter Suudiman wonders why Kyazze, who is not a psychiatrist, would start calling someone mad.

I’m so disappointed in Swangz Avenue, notably with Julius Kyazze. For a man of your stature, I think it was wrong for you to even engage or respond to MC Kats You are not a psychiatrist to start calling him mad.

However, I am shocked that you have decided to prolong this battle. Why are you paying bloggers to abuse Kats? As a senior administrator who has sat in many boardrooms discussing multi-million businesses with MDs and CEO, I expect you to know better.

A simple phone call to Kats, calling him to order would be ideal. But you going to bloggers and showing how petty you can get, left me disappointed. How different are you from Bajjo, Full Figure, or Jajja Ichuli? Kats deserves respect and you should also learn to respect yourself.

Suudiman wrote on Facebook

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