Today marks five years since popular singer Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo a.k.a Mowzey Radio left us for a better place. Zamboki Lincolin Jr updates him in this ‘Letter To Mowzey’, Episode V.

38 Years Young, Mowzey

You might have turned 38 to somber quietude, but your memories live with us forever. Here, in our humble environs, it was nostalgia galore.

The bonfire was started by hordes of your fans on social media, each of them waxing lyrical about your greatness.

A prophet is never honored in his hometown, says the good book. But here, Mowzey, it still feels like you never left. Your music still sounds as fresh as the debates about your legendary status.

A Birthday Like No Other

Henry Sekyanzi, otherwise known as Nince Henry, was first out of the blocks, letting out yet another piece of interesting history about you. 

We would still love to listen to more from you, even if it was through another voice.

Zamboki Lincolin Jr

You didn’t like the idea of selling your music until you ended up with what looked like an excess catalog. 

Mbu you suddenly realized the magic in songwriting. A late discovery it might have been, but we hope you departed a happy man. 

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Were you a big fan of Paulo Kafeero? Nince seems to suggest so. You certainly wouldn’t be alone in this regard, seeing the truckloads of other artistes that ascribed greatness to Bukunja Masaba’s greatest musical export. 

Lilian Mbabazi, your bae, was equally as emotional as the rest of them, penning a profound tweet that highlighted your inspiration. 

Much as me and My Little Woman Skylar missed the tributes, others came in from Lydia Jazmine, Weasel, Jose Chameleone, Zuena, and so many of them. We could fill pages writing about everyone else. 

Media houses, too, were not left out, as was the general public. Spark TV, NBS, Sanyuka TV, et cetera. Asked to name their favorite Mowzey Radio songs, many music fans were spoilt for choice. Some listed as many as 20 songs, while some simply said “All”. 

The New Music

You continue to surprise us with new music, Mowzey. How many more of these shall we wait for? Nince says most of the artistes who bought your music have not yet released it. 

Do we beseech, sue or reach out to them through other means? Help us and reach out to them. Perhaps in a dream or vision. We would still love to listen to more from you, even if it was through another voice.

The Industry

Not much has changed, Mowzey. Except for Weasel, your singing brother, seems to be stuck in a musical rut. No new songs, limited performances, nothing. Were you feeding off some magic tree? Share that recipe, and let this brother rediscover his singing mojo.

Uncle Douglas acknowledged being in possession of your famous hard drive and promised to release the songs on it at his own pace. He also cut off his dreadlocks, just like you. Perhaps now we can believe him.

Lots of upcoming artistes continue to spring up, Radio. You probably haven’t heard of a guy called Mudra. He secured a few collaborations and found his way to the top of the charts for a chunk of last year. 

You probably left Deus Ndugwa, other known as Grenade, in his musical pampers. After wandering through a string of female pants, he finally found his calling as a musician. He sings lots of bubble-gum music, but the kind that gets him gigs and pays his bills.

He’s the brains behind Babandana, the club banger that got our national women’s netball team captivating watching audiences at the Fast Five World Series games in New Zealand last year.

Do you remember Jeff Kiwa, your erstwhile buddy? He continues to harvest new talent into his Team No Sleep (TNS). He has since gotten rid of Pinky but retains the services of Shakira, Shakira, Grenade, Aroma, and several others.

The Talk and Talk Show is still the best critique entertainment program, After 5 has since moved to Sanyuka, NTV The Beat still airs, and has since dominated all other entertainment websites.

Mowzey, you remember the fire you unleashed to Jose in your ‘Camila The Teacher’ song, King Saha brought the same hell to Bebe in his Zakayo single but it all faded when Brian Mulondo retaliated with the “stinking” accusations.

Oh, lest we forget, your buddy Spice Diana remains as loyal as she’s always been. She held a successful concert and continues to bask in the glory of her grand show at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Celebrity, Legend, or Icon?

First onto this debate was the critiquing trio of Kasuku, Eddie Sendi, and Joseph Batte think your life was cut short, denying you a legendary quality of standing the taste of time. 

Even away from the age and taste of time, says Batte, a legend must shape an industry and an entire culture. It’s something you were on your way to achieving before you suddenly left us.

Sendi thinks you were a talented singer and songwriter but not a Legend something that Kasuku the guy you flocked with rods didn’t agree with. He had some legendary basics that you did not surpass. He particularly didn’t feel your discipline and thinks you could have done better.

But to us, we are your fans, and won’t dwell on criticisms. We are here to fete you. Live on, Mowzey.

Till we meet again,

Zamboki Lincolin Jr aka Papa Skylar

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