Mowzey Radio’s mother Ms. Jane Kasuubo is unhappy with how several women have been piling up kids at her home claiming her son as their father.

Since Radio’s death on 1st February 2018, Ms. Kasuubo claims she has met many women who claim to have had a relationship with her son.

A couple of those have also claimed they had children with the late Goodlyfe singer and they keep demanding support from the family.

What bothers Ms. Kasuubo’s mind, however, is that some of those women have children who were born a few years after Radio’s death.

Pallaso, Chameleone, Spice Diana, and other friends pay a visit to Mowzey radio’s grave

While paying respects to her late son together with several other celebrities at Kagga, Kasuubo revealed how a woman recently claimed that her 28-year-old son is Radio’s.

Another woman said that she gave birth about two years ago and claimed Radio who has been deceased for five years now is the father.

“Moses wasn’t a dishonest person. Whenever he gave birth to a child he always asked his siblings to take me and see his newborn. To date, women still bring to me children some of whom are 28 years old,” she said.

“Please stop joking around, Moses cannot have a 28-year-old child. I also recently saw another woman alleging that he is the father to her 2-year-old child. How did he make her pregnant from his grave?”

She then promised to take the children that have so far been brought to her for a DNA test to confirm that Mowzey Radio is indeed their father.

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