Sheilah Gashumba says she is the sweetest human being and people should not be fooled by the tattoos on her body and her circle of friends.

“Imagine the tattoos she has. How can God give you skin that good and you get tattoos? People bleach every single day to have skin as good as hers but she goes and gets tattoos on her butt? On the butt? And you think I can be happy?” Frank painfully said in an audio that leaked in January.

In the audio, Frank Gashumba also revealed how the self-styled Lil Stunner was disrespectful to him and how she has a bad choice in selecting her boyfriends.

While speaking to the media at the launch of her new glam shop, Sheilah Gashumba said that her father is protective of her and does not easily approve of her lovers.

“It’s just like your parent would react if he saw you bring a girl like me to the home. He would say that girl is a muyaye,” Sheilah Gashumba told the media.

She, however, emphasized that she is one of the sweetest people on earth as she has helped so many people through charity and employment.

She asks that people stop judging her based on her social life and appearance because having many tattoos on her body does not make her a crazy person.

“I have over twenty tattoos but I’m the sweetest human being you will ever meet. I don’t need to go to church. I help people, I employ so many people. I have tattoos but it doesn’t mean I’m crazy,” she added.

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