Sheilah Gashumba believes her father Frank Gashumba will never settle for any man she falls in love with and not even Cristiano Ronaldo’s son would please him.

In an audio that leaked in January, Frank Gashumba noted how his daughter has a bad taste in selecting men to become her lovers.

He mentioned how her current boyfriend looks rugged and with hair like infamous rebel Joseph Kony and that her lovers are always broke.

The revelation did not settle well with the self-styled Lil Stunner who, during the launch of her new glam shop, Gash Luxe, responded to the criticism.

Sheilah maintained that she loves Rickman and they will even get married. She also noted that her father does not hate Rickman but is rather protective as she is his only child.

She said that to him, it doesn’t happen who she falls in love with, and not even Cristian Ronaldo’s son would please him.

“Me and him (Rickman), we’re gonna get married. But you saw them talk together. My dad will never accept anyone. Even if it’s the president’s son, Vice President, or even Cristiano Ronaldo’s son. I’m the only child,” she said.

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