Singer Hassan Kigozi a.k.a Geosteady has publicly trashed his baby mama Prima Kardashi’s claims that she sponsored his music and the Dine With Geosteady mini-concert last year.

Geosteady left many netizens in shock after she confessed and reassured his love for Hindu Kay on Valentine’s Day. Several wondered how Prima Kardashi felt about that.

It didn’t take long before the city beautician ran to her social media accounts and revealed how he is a very important figure in Geosteady’s music career.

Prima noted how the singer always fades when he is not with her and that he had not released a big song since they separated in 2019 until last year when he dropped ‘Sembera‘ in which he used her as a vixen.

She further maintained that she gave him a successful show and that his disgruntled fans should keep quiet. “I gave u a successful show tf. Some fans shud just keep quiet. 2023 I bet for another Banga,” she wrote.

Upon landing on Prima’s reaction, Geosteady decided to unearth their secrets as he revealed how Prima is a broke woman who just loves to show off that she has money yet she doesn’t.

In a long post written on Facebook, Geosteady revealed how Prima’s inclusion in the Sembera video was made for their children and that he paid for everything, from her hair, makeup, and clothes.

Geosteady wonders then what Prima contributed to the video beyond her playing the vixen and also goes on to reveal how she was not financially supportive of his mini-concert like she claims.


I did my Audio “sembera” paid my Video and asked if she could represent in my video which she said, “Yes” Paid for everything from hair, clothes to nails coz it was my video and this was made for the kids as planned.

Qns: Is the kid’s medical insurance not yet paid? Ain’t the kids at school now? Who paid?

Did she pay for my video or promotion? I collected upto 35m+ with no one’s penny, paid for my “Dine With Geosteady” and in all sponsors only Amreena Apartments gave me money.

Even the VIP table given to Prma Lsanya wasn’t paid for and all they had to offer was online marketing on only her socials. Which I appreciated.

The show was a success and I even offered millions to the lady coz she rendered help in pushing the show. After that, she mixed feelings with business which wasn’t the plan coz I already had someone with me.

Mukwano nkooye okunjogerako ebigambo okusula BRAND yange coz I’ve always respected yours coz l’ve always valued the fact that you the mother of my two lovely daughters.

Been silent for years and no one knows what happened between us from my side and act the Growth you’ve always claimed.



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