Singer Hassan Kigozi a.k.a Geosteady has asked his followers and fans to forgive him for the back-and-forth bickering he was involved in with his ex-lover and baby mama on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the internet was treated to a blockbuster of insults between two ex-lovers; singer Geosteady and city beautician Prima Kardashi Ndagire.

Their cold war began when Prima claimed to be the reason behind Geosteady’s recent musical success and that she sponsored Geosteady’s mini-concert.

The ‘Sembera’ singer retaliated in denial and also labeled Prima all sorts of things on top of threatening to expose her private businesses he does in Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai.

The back-and-forth battle also saw Prima label Geosteady a “community d*ck” among other things and revealed how he towed her car and fought against her Lusaniya business when they separated.

Their fight shocked many netizens who wondered how grownups who share kids can go to the extremes of insulting each to such a level.

Both Prima Kardashi and Geosteady now seem to have realized their mistakes and the former has since deleted the posts she shared on her Facebook page.

Geosteady as well has issued an apology in which he states that he claimed to be a good man who was pushed to the limits.

“Today I come in white, I come in peace. I’m sorry about Yesterday, Allah knows I’ve always been a good man despite what people have pushed me through. 2023 I like who likes me,” he partly wrote.

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