Motor-mouthed singer and entertainment critic Jennifer “Full Figure” Nakanguubi reveals how she sometime back overcame depression and suicidal thoughts.

Speaking to Kasuku, Full Figure narrated that during the days when Simple K alleged to be the father of her only child, Museveni Karios Pearl, she went into depression.

Full Figure stressed that the allegations made by Simple K hurt her so much to the extent that she contemplated committing suicide.

She claims that seeing a young boy making false and baseless accusations about her felt really terrible and plunged her into deep thoughts.

She reasons that she could not accept to go for a DNA test with Simple K because she was confident that she did not go to bed with the boy.

When she gained some courage, she decided to drag Simple K to the courts of law until he was detained for making false accusations about her.

Do you know that I reached a moment in my life when I contemplated committing suicide? I was going to kill myself and I also got thoughts of ending the life of my baby boy.

All of you don’t understand this and you don’t know how painful it is.

Full Figure

Full Figure went on to explain that she has so far seen a number of individuals facing similar moments in their lives including singer Irene Namatovu and Hon. Balimwezo.

In her statements, she stressed that Simple K’s allegations were crafted to tarnish her brand and image, something which the people behind the motive failed to achieve.

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