Now showing on MultiChoice Uganda’s new channel Pearl Magic Loko, ‘The Honourablez’ is one of the big shows not to miss. We look at some of the exciting profiles from the series.

The Honorablez is a Ugandan political satire-drama series that premiered on NTV Uganda on 9th January 2017, starring Hellen Lukoma, Symon Base Kalema, Aisha Kyomuhangi, Philip Luswata, Malaika, Doreen Mirembe, Candy Mutesi, Patrico Mujuuka, and singer Stecia Mayanja.

The series which was also later picked up by Pearl Magic in 2018 exposes the vices of MPs and other government officials who frequent a local bar in Kampala, showing their greed, corruption, adultery, and many other vices.

The Honourablez is now showing on Pearl Magic Loko – a new channel on DStv Channel 142 and GOtv Channel 315where Luganda will reign supreme. We delve into the character profiles of some of the stars on the show below:

  • Stella Nante

Nante is Dorcas, a well-educated 30-year-old brown, chubby female. She is the villain in the story who works for an undercover group. She is the ‘boss lady’ (Managing Director) at The Honourablez Bar.

Mistress to Nixon, through the contractual marriage, Dorcas has no child yet. She was recruited from the church by Nixon, which makes her a ‘church lady’ and she holds Christian values close to her heart.

Dorcas embarked on a journey of self-discovery after getting a job she has no idea is eating her up. She wants to do everything possible to impress Nixon and make him believe she is the right person for the job. She signed the agreement with the group (‘omerta clause’)

Regardless of her weaknesses, and fears, she wants to keep it all inside and not let the world see it. She wants to portray a strong, confident, professional bold, and beautiful sly lady. Very intelligent person and always stands her ground for what she thinks is right.

She communicates mostly with her eyes and when angry or mad, her ring comes into play.  She commands respect in all areas of her career, life, business, and family

Dorcas has no particular friend. She just uses people to achieve something and then after reminds them of how invaluable they are. She teaches us about LIFE!

  • Daniel Kalela

The renowned comedian is known as Serapio in The Honourablez. Aged 29, he is a Musoga and a Security manager at the Honourablez bar. Tall, slim slender with short hair, Serapio is an extrovert.

He has a twin brother, Kitimbo. He talks to him while executing comic relief. He tells him about his work life, details from customers who come in, to bosses, then workers, or any issue he might be curious about. Serapio calls Kitimbo almost all the time he has a query.

Because of his indiscipline, he was demoted from the Marketing department to being a Security guard. He loves his job and wouldn’t compromise it for anyone or anything.

His close friend is Nana because they speak the same language. This gives them a sense of belonging in the intense working environment where people are afraid of making mistakes.

  • Doreen Nabbanja

Pearl Kasozi, real name Doreen Nabbanja, is a small, medium-height Ugandan Waitress in her early twenties. She is the daughter of the former Honourable Kasozi

She always has her earphones and they come into play when she wants to calm herself down, shut out people, and sometimes entertain herself or get back at someone.

Her good accent and proper articulation and pronunciation of words make her a good speaker despite not having completed her University education. She comes from a wealthy background, a “spoilt daddy’s girl” of sorts.

Her short temper doesn’t help her much but she is manipulative in narcissistic ways. She thinks she’s more important than others and she has a sense of entitlement.

Her close friend is Moesha although Pearl doesn’t tell her everything because she wants to protect her job and loyalty to the undercover ‘group’.

Pearl represents spoilt rich people’s kids, privileged but also smart enough to change her own future.

  • Moesha Namuyomba

Moesha (also character name) is in her early twenties. She is a short small waitress and hustler. She represents normal people who are passive about what goes on around them. They are not honest at their jobs, they love money and they can get it at any cost even if it means putting their jobs at risk.

Moesha knows about Tomusange’s practices of ‘insider trading’ which involves dirty deals like sneaking in alcohol and selling it, but she encourages him Because she also benefits from it with a certain percentage.

Moesha is the go-to person in case of dirty deals in the bar, concerning money, hence why Tomusange finds her the right partner in his deals.

During arguments, she is always on Pearl’s side. If Pearl is not involved, she is neutral or she will take the side of the victim.

She doesn’t want trouble with madam Dorcas as she portrays an obedient Character before her superiors but she is sly in her own Way!

  • Doliantha Fiona

Known as Nana in the series, she is aged 29. A female Musoga woman of medium height, and medium weight, Nana is an usher. She is a loudmouth who pretends to be a smart woman and yet sometimes she gets involved in conversations without knowing exactly what is transpiring.

She is close friends with Serapio given that they speak the same language and has a soft for Kingsley as she has hope of them dating. Whenever someone talks about Kingsley in a negative way, Nana gets angry, defensive, and offensive.

She is a bothersome bully and takes serious issues unseriously and vice verser. She often wants to feel relevant and perceived as smart. She takes advantage of people and situations.

  • Silayo

Silayo (also character name) is a medium-height, medium-weight Kenyan female aged 35. She is the Manager at The Honourablez Bar.

Her Kenyan accent is unmissable and she is proud of where she comes from and openly speaks highly of it. She is always Serious, professional, and nonsensical.

She demands and commands respect and is fast in her ways of doing work. Reliable, honest, and committed are her other qualities. She always meets work deadlines.

She represents sanity and professionalism in the chaotic bar where a lot of dirty deals are going on. She meets and works with people with unclear intentions but she doesn’t know. She restores the order in the bar.

Silayo is a woman of high intellect and cannot allow anyone to take advantage of her. She represents Higher authority (madam Dorcas).

  • Shamim

Shamim goes by the character name Najjuma. She is a Ugandan female Muslim who owns a local restaurant. She is an extrovert and a loudmouth.

She is close friends with Sophia, carefree, and tries to fit in any situation. She has hope of, one day meeting with the Honourables to get a deal to supply food to the parliament.

Uneducated and unethical sometimes in public, she is also selfish as she cares about her own happiness. Other people’s comfort and their feelings are not her concern.

Najjuma represents an opportunistic person with intentions of seeking business as a food supplier to Parliament.

The End

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