Joan Nantege who claims to have been in a relationship with singer Liam Voice has warned other girls against falling victim of his unfaithful ways.

Joan Nantege claims she has been dating Liam Voice since 26th September 2021 and over the years, they had built a strong bond together.

She states that they even had plans of walking down the aisle in the future but Liam’s ways have made her lose every bit of interest in him.

Nantege says she got closer to Liam Voice when she requested to join a music fans’ WhatsApp group. “I was in my early years of campus when I asked to join his WhatsApp music group.”

“I shared my number on IG (Instagram) but I was never added. Instead, a relationship came out of it,” she tells

The two have been dating since 26th September 2021 but in recent months, Nantege realized he was not the right man for her.

She claims that Liam Voice, real name Willy Zisabusolo is a cheat and liar who portrays a good image in public but carries a very bad heart.

“About two months ago I realized something was off. I didn’t tell him though since each time I talked about his women he’d say they’re friends and I just don’t want him to have friends,” she says.

Dating a cheatful narcissist with zero remorse is one trip to suicide.

Joan Nantege

“I kept around to see as I kept retracting and that was when I found out he was cheating but instead of apologizing ensonyi yazifula busungu (he became angered) and painted me the bad one mbu I don’t respect him bla, bla,” she adds.

She applauds Liam Voivce for not being a violent man but maintains that his heart and intentions are not the best and she blames herself for not reading the signs that always presented themselves very early in the relationship.

She wonders why she even fell in love with him in the very first place because currently, whatever she believed about him back then seems false.

“Right now, I can’t even know what I liked about him because the whole person I knew vanished long ago. You know any person can mask up,” she notes.

Nantege, on Instagram, reveals how the bad relationship plunged her into depression at some point and she sought mental help to finally let go of it.

“Through this relationship, I had to deal with several sorts of depression, all that was not worth it, seeked (sought) a lot of mental help to jump out of it. Now I’m finally walking away.”

She says decided to run to the media to try and help other girls whom she says she has witnessed fall prey to the ‘Dear Ex’ singer’s cunning ways.

“I wish I never met you. I hope no other female is encountering the same thing as I am. Because it gets hella hurtful upfront, Liam Voice. May God forgive you for the damages you’ve caused to several of us out there. It’s sad I was one of them,” she writes on her Instagram page.

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