Singer Cinderella Sanyu Okuyo alias Cindy Sanyu’s mom and her youngest sister just hit the entertainment followers with a shocking revelation.

The pair disclosed that despite Cindy Sanyu being known as a secular artist and being called out several times for dressing skimpily, she is a prayer warrior.

Speaking an in interview, Cindy Sanyu’s mom and her youngest sister explained that the expectant mother of two is the most prayerful person at their home.

They went ahead to stress that at home, they describe Cindy Sanyu as their ‘pastor’ because she leads them in prayers and encourages them to have faith regardless of what they face in life.

They further revealed that she even casts out demons and that they have witnessed her do this on several occasions.

Cindy Sanyu’s mom believes that her calling was to be a pastor had she not joined music. She notes that Cindy was in the church choir before she was hooked to be a part of the Blu*3.

Besides that, the family is extremely grateful that Cindy Sanyu has played a very vital role in lifting their family high and creating opportunities for her siblings.

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  1. Owaye Maama Cindy, muwala wo wamukuza bubi just, which “Pastor” goes around naked!

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