The music streaming Apps numbers comparison that Big Talent Entertainment boss Eddy Kenzo started as he pitted himself against the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya continues to stir a heated debate online.

The statements have since made him the most talked about singer from last week up to date as a section of artists and critics have come up to air their opinions.

Notably, Singer and Songwriter Nince Henry took to his socials and wrote in defense of Eddy Kenzo saying artists of today’s generation are more talented and creative than the past generations.

His statements didn’t sit down well with a number of critical music analysts as they continued to wonder whether he was in his sober mind by the time he wrote the statements.

Speaking in an interview, veteran musician Tshaka Mayanja responded to Nince Henry’s comments concerning the comparison of creativity between both generations of artists.

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Tshaka Mayanja who once worked closely with the late during the mid-1980s says that all artists in the current generation combined, their level of creativity can’t even reach an inch of Philly Bongole Lutaaya’s creativity.

Not even Moses Matovu can come close to Philly’s creativity in this Ugandan music industry.

Tshaka Mayanja

He backed his point by stressing this can be proven by the fact that Philly’s music that he released in the 1960s still trends after almost five decades.

He only applauded today’s generation in terms of being creative when it comes to creating apps.

He went on to note that today’s artists are more popular but not creative asserting that their popularity is not based on music but on some other reasons like being naughty and showbiz.

“They’re more popular but not creative. For that, I stand with them. But their popularity is not based on music but some other reasons,” Tshaka further said.

Tshaka believed even Maddox Semanda is more creative than all current artists combined. He asked the interviewer to mention one artist who still performs only his old music.

Even Maddox’s creativity is great than all of them combined. If you doubt, do you think it is easy to remain relevant for 20 years playing the same old songs?

Tsahaka Mayanja
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