Femcee Recho Rey has had a rollercoaster journey in the Ugandan music industry but has managed kept her grip tight to remain relevant in the limelight.

She has switched through different music labels and managements to elevate her career and she is not backing down until she wins.

Growing up, Recho Rey says she wanted to become a journalist or a motivational speaker but somehow her attention and love were taken over by music and she chose to take that route.

She now wants to become a certified chef, something that has left a section of her fans wondering whether it is her plan B in case music fails.

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Based on her knowledge she says that she just wants to add it to her arsenal as a skill of her life.

She notes that it feels cute if someone knows how to cook different classes of dishes.

I wanted to be a journalist, and I also wanted to be a motivational speaker but right now I want to learn how to be a chef.

I think it’s cute if you know how to cook different foods.

Recho Rey

Whenever a female artist talks of cooking, our memories run back to singer Angella Katatumba who once claimed that she does not cook which raised the eyebrows of many people.

She went ahead to claim that she is fine with it maintaining that her only role is to make money and that cooking is for household assistants.

Talking about music, Recho Rey stated that she decided to sing in Luganda because it is her mother tongue and she did so to tap into the Luganda fan base.

I chose to sing in Luganda because it is my mother tongue but also I’m trying to target the Luganda fan base. I don’t work alone so my team and I wanted to target the Luganda fan base.

Recho Rey

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