Self-styled Ugandan property Nina Roz, legally known as Akankunda Rose, has rallied fellow artists to focus on releasing good music.

The former TNS affiliate requests fellow artists to resort to the old style whereby musicians would release good music that always lasted longer compared to the current music that flooded the market lately.

She explains that if Ugandan artists want to get nominated for the Grammys, they should revise the old ways of producing good music rather than getting involved in stunts and fights.

She adds that currently, many artists are focused on temporary and short-term music which she says is totally wrong for the industry.

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“Beyond trending, we need to go back to producing good music if we want to go as far as the #Grammys that we are pulling ropes with one another about. Ugandans are focusing so much on temporary or short-term music, and this is wrong,” Nina Roz

Nina Roz adds that pioneering artists like Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, and Bobi Wine are not intimidated by the current breed of musicians because their shine is short-lived since their songs are just vibes and trends.

“Pioneer artists should not be intimidated by today’s overnight stars, who trend because of merely exciting lyrics. Most of them never last a month. Jose Chameleon would never stay valid for this long had he been destructed by vibe,” she adds.

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