Controversial rising singer Patrick Mulwana a.k.a Alien Skin is once again making headlines for the wrong reasons.

The “Mbatisana” singer is being accused of snubbing to perform at a show in Mukono where he was booked and making off with the full payment he had requested.

It is reported that Alien Skin arrived at the venue early enough to perform for his music lovers but by the time he reached the venue not many revelers had turned up yet and he was requested to wait for a few minutes so that the reveler turn-up would grow.

He seemed to have come to terms with the event organizers as he made his way inside the venue but after a while of waiting, he quietly walked out and jumped onto his bike, and left the venue.

When the partygoers finally showed up, Alien Skin was nowhere to be seen, and on trying to reach him, his contacts were unreachable which meant that he wasn’t going to return.

Fortunately, his not showing up didn’t lead to vandalization and destruction of property since DJ Fikie who had recommended him did everything possible to calm down the revelers as he explained what had gone wrong that they understood.

When the pressure mounted on Alien Skin, he again gave DJ Fikie a late-night call at around 3 am asking whether he would return and perform which was already late for everyone.

DJ Fikie has called upon Alien Skin to style up and grow if he wants to succeed in this music showbiz and he adds that the bar manager has already filed a case at Mukono Police station and soon the hunt for him will take off.

It is reported that the gang that he always moves along with usually causes a lot of chaos at different hangouts and he is being asked to reduce them since they add no impact to his brand.

His gang is as well reported to have hit a bouncer again and also vandalized a vehicle on the night he was booked to perform in Mukono.

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