Local rapper Gravity Omutujju believes that if Jose Chameleone’s “Gwanga Mujje” concert had flopped, it would mean doom for fellow artists from his generation.

Gereson Wabuyu a.k.a Gravity Omutujju has been embodied in controversy over the past month and the photos of his new mansion have further made him a topic of conversation on social media.

This is due to the fact that a section of his haters and critics have come out to claim that the house which is located in Busabaala doesn’t belong to him.

It is said that the house belongs to Frank Mugerwa of JahLive studios but based on the research carried out, it is reported that they are just distant neighbors.

Moving forward, when Gravity was asked to comment about Jose Chameleone’s sold-out concert, he congratulated him on the success.

He went on to state that if Jose Chameleone’s show had registered a low reveler turn-up, it would be doom and the fall of artists of his generation.

He reasoned so basing his comment on grounds that Jose Chameleon is the leader of all artists of that early 2000 generation.

He further mockingly stated that Chameleone’s show was successful because of his efforts adding that people came through to hurt him by showing Jose Chameleone love and not due to his popularity.

He stood on that ground to ask Jose Chameleon to collaborate so that they record a song together.

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