One of the highlights from Jose Chameleone’s recently concluded Gwanga Mujje concert was Weasel Manizo’s costume made by Nelly Salvatore.

The Mandalorian is a Star Wars series in which after the fall of the Galactic Empire, a lone gunfighter makes his way through the outer reaches of the lawless galaxy.

Nelly Salvatore, a Ugandan costume designer, and photographer picked inspiration from the series to create a mindblowing costume for Weasel Manizo at his elder brother Chameleone’s concert last Friday.

Nelly’s love for costumes accessorized with swords, spears, helmets, guns, axes, and masks has made him stand out amongst local costume makers.

He usually picks his inspiration from his surroundings and the blockbuster films he watches, the likes of Black Panther and now the Mandalorian costume from Star Wars.

“I’ve just realized that most people don’t know the movie that inspired this costume design. The movie series is called The Mandalorian Star Wars,” Nelly Salvatore reveals.

The Mandalorian armor was generally made with beskar, a durable alloy capable of deflecting blaster bolts and withstanding lightsabers.

Nelly remembers staying awake for two straight days before the concert perfecting his art on the costume Weasel wore that left a big impression.

He is proud of the work they did as it turned several heads at the concert and became a major talking point for many revelers who attended the concert.

“I made this costume In less than 3 days! We didn’t sleep for 2 straight nights! The result was very rewarding,” Nelly Salvatore notes.

Take a gaze at the costume below: (Photos by Nelly Salvatore)

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