In the past few days that singer Alien Skin has made news headlines, he has been on the wrong side of the law for committing aggravated offences.

He has been twice reported for allegedly causing chaos at different hangouts and assaulting bouncers including Tonny Ntale whose jaw was fractured.

His press statements concerning the fights he has had with bouncers have not gone down well with the rest of the bouncers who take their duty responsibly, especially those under UBA.

Uganda Bouncers Association (UBA) leader Umaru has thus sent a stern warning to Alien Skin asking him to change his behaviour if he is to have a long-lasting career in showbiz.

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On that note, Umar went on and requested Alien Skin to apologize to the bouncer’s association so that the two parties live in peace without holding grades against each other.

Umar further stressed that if he continues to live such a reckless lifestyle he is likely to end up like singer Mowzey Radio.

UBA leader Umar further threatened that if Alien Skin fails to make an apology, they will look out for him and his gang forcefully and hand them over to the Police until they get justice.

Speaking to the media, Alien Skin narrated that he is not afraid of the Police reasoning that he has been several times arrested and detained.

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